Glam in the jungle .

If your like me and you addicted to this years I’m a Cleb then you would of noticed the beautiful Amy Willerton. She is well know for her beauty as she is a beauty queen but how someone can look so amazing in the middle of an Australian jungle is beyond me! It came out that she had smuggled in concealer into the jungle but even since she’s handed it she still looks as amazing. Her hair has been called a lions mane as its so full and amazing. She has an amazing figure as we’ve seen. She is what ever girl wants to be but is being picked on within the jungle many people have but it down to jealousy which is completely understandable whether it will continue or not I’m not sure all I know is that once she gets out ill be first in line to hear her beauty secrets and tips!!

amy will imacleb


What’s bad for your skin?

We all crave perfect clear skin, but what we don’t realise is there are different things other then the sun and chocolate that effect our skin. I’ve gathered a list of a few simple things that effect our skin and how to help.

  1. Not using oils on your face. yes it sounds crazy as we all hate oily skin but by using an oil product on our skin you can help decrease your skins oil production.
  2. Not airing out your make up brushes. We know we need to clean them but we don’t tend to leave them air out this is important as it can cause rare skin reactions, simply allowing them to breath is important.
  3. Using recreational drugs. for obvious health reasons you shouldn’t use them but now its been proven they cause dry areas within the skin that can become infected and hard to treat.
  4. Eating water rather then drinking it. drinking water isn’t that beneficial as it goes straight through you where as eating products high in H2O absorbed the water into your system and helps your skin!


The phase of BB cream has gone but I was still searching for one that suits my skin. I have dry skin so I found alot of the BB creams where sticking to dry parts and wouldn’t supply me with an even coverage. I had given up on BB creams altogether until I came across MAC’s very own “PREP + PRIME BB BEAUTY BALM SPF 35” . At the time I was on a trip in London and as it was only £23 I had to try it. As soon as I felt it between my fingers I knew it was different. It matched my complexions perfectly, it managed to cover all my imperfections and its creamy texture ment it just glided onto my skin perfectly. Not only was I delighted that I had found a BB that suited me I was over the moon that it had a hight everyday UVA//UVB SPF 35 defence. I can honestly say its a must have for any make up lovers christmas list!

bb cream

How to create perfect Lashes!

If your like me and your sick of having to pay out for false lashes that either end up falling off or not sticking at all. Follow these amazing steps to create the perfect lashes for any occasion.

  1.  Using an eye lash curler is key when it comes to creating perfect lashes. it doesn’t have to be an expensive curler it can be cheap and cheerful just simply hold the curler to your lashes and press down and hold until they are given a flick.
  2. Layering mascara is great but is pointless if you don’t allow the layers to dry in between it is important to allow them to set so that the next layer will enhance the lashes not just brush the mascara off.
  3. To prevent “spider lashes” simply use a metal toothed lash comb this will prevent clumps of mascara on your lashes leaving an even clump free coat.
  4. I don’t recommend mixing different mascara’s as they can tend to not mix well and cause clumps, if there’s a brush you like with a different mascara simply clean off the brush and use it then.



What size is “perfect”.

It’s always been a huge discussion and a pressure forced on both males and females within society. I’ll be the first to admit there has never been a stage in my teenage years where I’ve been happy with my weight. Id go from comfortable to conscious in the space of hours and what I though was the perfect outfit never was unless it was baggy as I was paranoid about being called fat or chubby. Different people say different sizes and different weights are perfect at the end of the day its a personal view no one has a right to label someone skinny or fat. Being happy with your body is something were all unsure about. People go through extreme diets and other methods just to lose weight to impress someone who will only care for a few minutes. I’ve learnt that no matter what I do at the end of the day it comes down to me and when I start to love my body the way it is no one else’s opinion can effect that.


Miley Cyrus.

I must say I love the ex Disney star Miley. Famous for Hannah Montana but now known world-wide for her provocative shows and uncensored suggestions she’s definitely crazy. I must say I’m a big fan of everything she does I find her adventurous and straight up crazy and if I could get away with it id probably give it a go too!! but her latest statement has shocked me. YUP In case you haven’t heard she has bleached her eyebrows so ya blonde hair everywhere! I think no matter what Miley does she is beautiful but this is just creepy I’ve spent ages trying to justify it but I just can’t. I don’t want the old “innocent” Hannah Montana back I just want the crazy before the eyebrow stage Miley.


Pageant Beauty Queen

We’ve all head of the famous ”Todlers in tiaras” at some stage but what defines beauty nowadays. Personally when I watch the show its to giggle along with but recently I’ve realised these little kids don’t need this. I’ve watched them enjoy themselves and I love it when they do, My point is these children don’t need the high glitz, fake tan and make up that an adult would wear. I’ve seen the Natural Pageants which ok they still use make up ect but its to a minimum they judge and concentrate on the natural beauty that a child has rather than what make up can do to their face. I still don’t agree on judging a child’s beauty anyway and what gives you the right to but it’s happening. I don’t understand most of the parents who do it to their child, the money they have to pull together to spend on outfits it just overall isn’t worth it in my eyes. All children are beautiful and don’t need these fake glamorous looks to be ”Supreme Queen”.

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